Friday, May 25, 2012

O brave new world

Today I was assigned my very own community garden plot at the Chambers st. community garden. I am beyond excited, especially since I had no idea I was on the waiting list....for a year. I think I emailed them but they never replied and they put my name on a list. Whatever the case, I now have 120 square feet of beautiful crawling compost bliss awaiting the hoards of seeds and plants I have collected.
It's so much easier to be patient when you have no idea that your waiting. I wish everything could be like that, exam results, ferries, birthday presents, tax returns. Instead of waiting for them, why not just forget about them entirely? If your ferry never came you would just say;
 "What am I doing sitting at this ferry dock?" and your friend would look at you and say
 "I can't remember. Great day though." 
"Beautiful day" You would reply, because Canadians love to talk about the weather almost as much as British people. 
 Enough cultural stereotyping though and on to more important things, Irises....and cats.

This is the Iris setosa 'nana' I picked up from Fraiser Thimble Farms about a month ago which occurs from Northwest BC to Alaska;

And this is an Iris I bought last year from the nursery I worked at, it was labeled Iris 'pacific hybrid X' . I have no idea what that means. I was hoping it was Iris douglasiana but I don't have the botanical know how to properly identify it. I am thinking of crossing it with the setosa. Is that even possible? We shall see.
 And this is an egregious pet picture of my cat. He likes to venture into the unknown world of the deck on sunny days. Also, he only has one eye. No, I did not poke the other out. He came from a hoarding house up island and it had to be removed due to infection. He looks good with my plants.

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