Monday, May 7, 2012

What do people do in the park?

Sitting in Beacon Hill park yesterday enjoying the camas, when some guy jumped up out of nowhere, 
"Sorry, didn't see you guys there!" he said.
"Why are you sorry?" I asked as he hurried away.
What were you doing strange surprise apology man? Masturbating? Reading Twilight? Taking pictures of yourself on your iPhone?All equally embarrassing but I guess we'll never know. At least you apologized.

Camassia quamash

mmmm...Macrolichen on a garry oak

I have no idea what this is...anyone? anyone? Bueller?
Plantago lanceolata
 More Plants! after the break...

Lonicera cilosa



Flower crowns make the world a better place...


  1. I love these photos... they're refreshing!