Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rosa gymnocarpa

 Gymnocarpa is by far my favorite species of wild rose. Partly because of nostalgia and partly because of the delicate foliage and flowers, which are smaller than nutkana. 
When I lived in Oregon, The best place to see it was growing out of the ʻAʻā lava in the high desert.The stark contrast of lush green and soft pink against craggy black lava was striking. There's nothing like natures garden.
I picked this plant up on Salt Spring and planted it in a three gallon pot with a compost potting soil mix and some banana peel and garlic. Normal roses like that stuff, so species roses should too, right? That's my theory anyway. My grandma plants whole fish underneath her roses and swears by it, next time I have fish some of it may end up in my flower pots.

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