Saturday, May 12, 2012

Orchids and Owls

A few lucky sitings at Whittys Lagoon....
Corallorhiza maculata ssp. maculata. So beautiful!
A spotted owl After consulting a freind who works with raptors, I learned this is actually a barred owl.
Trientalis latifolia

Whiteys Lagoon is a great place to go on an impromptu nature adventure, lots of great plants and birds, a lovely waterfall, and sandy beaches. Its only a 20 minute drive from Victoria, unless you go at rush hour and get stuck in the Colwood crawl, which is apparently 3pm on a Friday?!? 
 In edition to these we also saw blue herons and calypso orchids.

Quercus garryana
Potentilla anserina
Sedum spathifolium
I think this is a Salicornia
Sambucus racemosa


  1. Great blog, Jess. Love your picture of the Spotted Coralroot and the top picture of the Fawn Lilies is awesome.

  2. Thanks Ron! The Erythronium photo was taken by Bill Terry, He's relative of mine and Meconopsis grower in Seachelt, BC.