Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things you may find in beacon hill park on a sunny day...

  •  Garry oaks with hummingbirds sitting in them
  •  Fields of camas
  •  Erythronium seed pods
  •  Deadly white camas
  • Beautiful ocean and mountains views
  • A chocolate lily or two if your lucky
  • and a few naked old men sun tanning, which I especially didn't want to be seen stumbling upon with a camera in my hands (to be honest though, I'll suffer through the peripheral view of wrinkly old man scrotum for the site of a Fritillaria).
No naked people in this one, just camas and butter cups.
Fritillaria lanceolata
Moving in for the money shot.

Zygadenus venenosus with a ripening Camassia quamash
I heard this little guys call and was lucky to spot him in a Garry Oak.

How many crabs can you spot?

Someday I vow to take a marine biology coarse. All of the plants and animals I see in the ocean are so foreign its like some sort of crazy sci fi alien water world, So much so that every time I sit and watch a tidal zone I think "Mean while, in the ocean....". I wouldn't be surprised if there really were mermaids hiding somewhere out there in the great wide open with giant squid and singing schools of rainbow fish.

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