Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roaming Mt. Doug Part 1

 Mt. Doug was exactly where I wanted to be today. Hiking and plant hunting. Under the cedar/fir canopy at the base of the hill it was serene and quiet. All of the different leaf shapes of the Amlanchier, Symphoricarpus, Mahonia, and Polystichum made me remember that in a perfect garden (i.e. nature) sometimes all you need is foliage. Once the trail started to head upward everything turned into shady meadows under young garry oaks with camas and Achillea. I was on the south side and it was hot. Continuing up the ground got steeper and turned into rock faces with blooming Sedum and Eriophyllum, I almost thought I was in Central Oregon again hiking the high desert. When I reached the top, I skirted the look out and ended up heading down the East side, which was an excellent chance decision. I saw three Fritillaria, a batch of barely blooming Rosa nootka, and some Corallorhiza just coming up. Unfortunately my camera died after I reached the top (worst excuse ever), so I as soon as I have another day off, you know where I'll be.
Eriophyllum lanatum, also called Oregon sunshine (what a great plant name!)
Achillea millefolium. According to my lone pine guide,
 "Taxonomically this is one of the most complex species in our flora", cool?

Sedum spathulifolim.

Camassia leichtlinii, I think because the tepals are twisting.
Tiarella trifoliata.

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